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It has come to my attention that several people have posted Wifi Fixer APKs on various websites and forums.

For several reasons, not the least of which are security and making sure people have the latest version for bugfixes and enhancements, I would like to ask that if you see a Wifi Fixer apk posted, you either request that the apk file be taken down or bring it to my attention so that I can request it.

If you wish to share Wifi Fixer with others, please use either the Android Market link or the Github links listed here:

I will -never- release my apps in any other market or site.

In one forum, someone also posted the donate apk. For that individual I have three words: Shame on you.

(One of many reasons I’m considering deprecating the donate app and doing in-app billing for donations)


Wifi Fixer Changelog

  • Enhancement: Connection check should work on many problematic wifi networks
  • Bugfix: getIsOnWifi NPE fixed
  • Enhancement: LogService tuning
  • Enhancement: Explicit connection no longer priority-based, rewritten.
  • Enhancement: No longer holding unnecessary wake locks (other battery savings)
  • Enhancement: Quicker wifi state lookup.
  • Preferences: Max Wifi now default
  • Enhancement: Power savings
  • Bugfix: Correct behavior ┬áduring sleep with wifi disabled.
  • Documentation: Added detail to Send Log page
  • Enhancement: Logging enabled now shows ongoing notification

Wifi Fixer released to market.

Bugfix: IllegalStateException in httphostup
Added Send Log confirmation dialog
Service state indicator icon scaled properly across screen densities

I’ll be releasing a bugfix update soon.

There are a few issues that can potentially cause force closes, and one which can leave the CPU spun up for longer than necessary with the screen off.

Big thanks to those who are sending detailed bug reports.

Wifi Fixer Released to the market!


Soon work begins on 0.9.0, which will have an overhauled UI (including Honeycomb compatibility) as well as some new features.

Wifi Fixer is in testing. Should be on the market before the end of the week.

Thanks again to those sending me logs with details. Sorry if I haven’t been able to answer in a timely fashion. I’m juggling multiple projects these days. will contain:

  • Bugfix for http check not timing out
  • Bugfix for service not starting on timer after boot on some roms
  • Service now handles all scan requests (was doing scan for UI in activity code)
  • New status notification code: efficiency, compatibility
  • status notification theme setting removed

For those with current issues, I’m sorry. I try to make my decisions in terms of what will do the most good for the most people.
I’ve had to triage my time, as I am not paid for this project. I’ve had to spend my time elsewhere, but should be back on this project soon.

There will be a bugfix release, as per the timeline. I’ve got a list of bugs, and there will be an update with some important fixes.

Don’t like making people wait any more than you guys like waiting.

For those sending me useful feedback, thank you.

Please, if you’re going to send a log, include a description of your issue and the time it occurred. I can’t afford to be scanning through hours of logs for anomalies. Context is important to help me fix your issue.

Oh, and the next release will have a help page for router settings/troubleshooting. This should help a lot of people.