Release 1.0.2 will be going beta sometime soon. 

There’s a pretty big change to logging since 1.0.1 which requires some explanation.

There are essentially two logging systems in the app, one for the log fragment (which only turns on when the fragment is showing) and the one the user turns on to start recording a log to send to me. 1.02 simplifies this by reducing to one logging system. 

There’s always been confusion over how logging works.  I’ve been thinking about ways to address that for months.  The way I came up with was to remove the user option and keep a log from the last 10 minutes, which the user can send to me at any time. 

As it turns out, it’s easy to to this without taking up many resources: I’m using the sqlite API built into Android.  This allows me to add timestamps for when the log entry was made and expire records older than 10 minutes as the new records are created with simple SQL queries.

The log can be dumped to disk or emailed to me with one tap. The new system shows the last 10 minutes of log whether the screen was on or not.