Maintenance release coming with 4.2 compatibility and a few important things.

I’ve been studying machine learning and computer science full-time, which has been great for my ability to write code, but it’s affecting my ability to look at this project’s code without wanting to refactor it all.

I discovered how obnoxious even a minor refactor for dependency injection would become with robojuice.    I probably won’t have the time/energy for a complete refactor of Wifi Fixer for some time.

So, once the build I’m working on is out the door, that’s it for guaranteed time on the project.

If you are a programmer with stout heart, you might find some interesting things in the source, which you are welcome to.

Despite my lack of formal education in computer science (until recently), there are good examples of the use of abstract classes to handle differing Android versions, different UIs, and some clever uses of intents.

One might ask why I wrote my own preferences utility class.  It was because I made a mistake early on thinking I should put the network check service in a separate process, and I noticed that the SharedPreferences instances in the service did not see the changes made in the activity using SharedPreferences methods, so I decided to implement my own listener, before I knew what a listener was.

I hope someone finds the source useful.

There will be more Android apps.