One of the problems I have identified (by % of email incoming) is that a good number of people who have one of the nasty Android WiFi bugs that leads to a state Wifi Fixer cannot recover from simply do not know what to do.

While I have attempted to list these issues in the documentation and provide what workarounds or resources I can, it’s evident that a certain percentage of users do not read documentation, even when confronted with an issue the app cannot resolve. The obvious solution is to notify users of these kinds of problems in a more active fashion.

With that in mind, Wifi Fixer already has tools in place to detect specific Android Wifi issues with high accuracy; what remains is to add a way to notify the user when there is a known issue that requires additional steps.  I believe I can do so with the existing Notifications system.

The beauty of notifications is that they can hold intents, which can carry data; for example the specifics needed to inform the user of which bug was identified, so the app when launched from the intent can then decide the appropriate content to display.    This is useful because the service which detects WiFi issues is separate from the activity which displays information to the user.  Communication between components is usually more complex.