I’ve been getting more emails from people unclear on how Wifi Fixer works.    There is an explanation in Help under Read First, but this seems inadequate for an increasing number of people.

I used to have a more detailed explanation, but I got a large number of emails suggesting that the explanation was too detailed.   I am not a technical writer, so I’m sure it was.

I’m going to figure out a better way to let people know how the app works.

In the meantime, to clear up confusion:

Wifi Fixer will not make your signal better.

It will not stop your device from disconnecting from wifi at random: that is caused by a protocol error or radio issue and cannot be prevented in an app.

It will detect a disconnection or “hung” connection state, or a number of known wifi issues, and attempt to recover the connection or reset wifi to clear the driver and supplicant to a default state.

It does this by sending a simultaneous ICMP and http network check to your current wifi access point with google.com as a backup, and by watching supplicant and wifi state changes.

There are rare networks the network monitor service isn’t able to check properly.  These networks usually ignore icmp and do not have direct internet.  Sometimes sites which require a web login have this issue.  This is why I added the non-managed network setting.

Wifi Fixer makes sure you are connected to the best-possible wifi network in range when the signal on your current access point drops to unusable, if there is one available.   The signal threshold it will look for a new network at will be adjustable in an upcoming revision.