There are now at least 3 builds of Wifi Fixer out there, none of which are from me.

To be absolutely clear: if you did not download from the Android Market, or the Wifi Fixer github project downloads page, it is not a build authorized or built by me, and I cannot guarantee that the build functions or doesn’t steal personal data.

Wifi Fixer is an Apache 2.0 licensed Open Source project, which means anyone can legally fork it if they wish, but I would ask that if you do plan to use or modify the source, you request a fork on github.

Of the 3 builds, 2 of them are only partially functional, which is causing me support headaches.   The Indian build broke logging or log sending, so the check to make sure there’s a log and the attachment of the log to gmail isn’t working.

The second appears to have had significant changes to the networking engine which breaks the network checks.

The third is a version translated into Russian.   This is irritating as I’d love to have someone translate the strings and help HTML so more users could have it in their native language, but nobody contacted me to ask if they could help.

I am evaluating several responses to this situation, but I am certain of one thing: I will not abandon the open source aspect of the project.

Please!  If you do find a download link for Wifi Fixer somewhere other than the Android Market or github project site, notify me.