There have always been Android devices which would work fine with wi-fi for a while then get stuck in a state where it won’t even turn on, sometimes displaying an error message, sometimes not.

My hypothesis. with fairly strong evidence in logs, is that the supplicant configuration, which is critical to wi-fi, becomes corrupted by the framework after vendor modifications of AOSP source: e.g. early Samsung devices (Galaxy, Galaxy mini) and thus when the drivers loaded the supplicant would hang leaving it effectively INVALID to Android.

Sometimes a reboot would fix it, but mostly it would require a full factory reset of the phone to return wi-fi to normal operation.

(This is why I don’t like it when you mess with wi-fi in the framework, guys on XDA :P)

Lately there are a whole bunch of them, and they mostly come from Huawei.

It’s really sad because I can’t help these people other than by telling them to root it and find a clean AOSP rom.    These are devices which will likely receive no vendor or manufacturer support, and will likely never have a dev community.    So there are no roms to root for.

I’d compile a list of the known bad devices, but there are so many new ones it’d be hard to keep track.

Keep sending those logs.  I do read them when I can and they help me understand what’s going on out there.

Good issue reports are the ones which are instrumental in really fixing things.