As of 0.8.x Wifi Fixer was beginning to get to where I wanted it functionally. You may have noticed, I like clean and functional.

However, the GUI was about as elegant as a DOS prompt. For that, I apologize. I have a hard time with visualization, so avoid doing UI oriented things.

I’d been dabbling in Fragments. I had a tablet to test Honeycomb stuff on, but I’d somehow only wound up designing ways to use fragments creatively in a programming sense. I love abstract things.

I’d read a lot of design best practices, which got me through doing layouts. But it always seemed too much work for too little payoff.

Anyway, a while back I went to the Santa Monica Google developer lab, which focused on Honeycomb and featured a speaker from Google developer delations whose code I already admired, Roman Nurik.

Everyone from Google developer relations was great. Don’t want to sell them short. It’s just that I’d never had a programmer talk to me about design. It really clicked for me.

Best hours spent in a long time.

In short, the planned UI rework for Wifi Fixer 0.9.0 became something fun, something to explore new ideas in, and stretch myself with.

My goals were:

  • simplicity
  • appeal
  • fluidity

I hope I’ve achieved those things. I’d like the app to look good and be fun to use.

You’ve seen the old 0.9.0 design.

Here is the new one.

Update 10-28:

Stuck on something I wanted to add last-minute.  Learning a lot about fragment lifecycle.   Will release to closed beta as soon as I have this thing worked out.