Mind you, I really like Android, and what it makes possible.

When friends ask me whether they should make the change to Android I ask them if they’re comfortable beta testing. Especially if they’re considering a device with a new iteration of Android, because Google has a radically different release philosophy from Apple, who is about polish. Google expounds the idea of “release early, release often.”.

It means their first iterations tend to be a bit rough but rapidly get better and better as the market drives the development focus.

It means their experience may have some annoyances, but also be more progressive in some ways.

My experience with Honeycomb and the first for-tablets iteration of Android really drove that home. I loved it, every minute, because I like pioneering and can handle the rough spots. But I can understand why many wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t get my fiancée an Android tablet. She’s getting an iPad 2 when I can afford it.

In a few years, Android on tablets will be a smooth, polished experience.

Right now, as of 3.1, it’s a lot better, but still needs some hammering on in usability and polish.