For those with current issues, I’m sorry. I try to make my decisions in terms of what will do the most good for the most people.
I’ve had to triage my time, as I am not paid for this project. I’ve had to spend my time elsewhere, but should be back on this project soon.

There will be a bugfix release, as per the timeline. I’ve got a list of bugs, and there will be an update with some important fixes.

Don’t like making people wait any more than you guys like waiting.

For those sending me useful feedback, thank you.

Please, if you’re going to send a log, include a description of your issue and the time it occurred. I can’t afford to be scanning through hours of logs for anomalies. Context is important to help me fix your issue.

Oh, and the next release will have a help page for router settings/troubleshooting. This should help a lot of people.