One of the most useful features of Wifi Fixer (to me) is the on-board logging. It provides information specific to what’s going on with wifi, which is invaluable as a diagnostic tool, especially across all the different configurations out there.

I’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible, only one tap is required to turn on logging, and one tap to send the log to me via email.

However, a lot of users seem to be confused at how logging works: I get logs with durations of 1-2 seconds all the time, which is about the time it takes to tap “enable logging” then “send log”.

I suspect this is because most devs use one of several logging tools which pulls the syslog from android itself, and doesn’t need to be “turned on” first.

Anyway, this question goes out to you guys: How do I unobtrusively show that logging needs to be left on for more than a second to be useful to me?

Some ideas:

  • show a log size indicator in the main activity.
  • show time logging has been enabled in an ongoing notification
  • ???

BTW, deleting the log is now manual, in a Logging preference screen.