For those who’ve been following the source on github, my understanding of java and android both has been growing by leaps and bounds. I’m a bit behind since my nearest exposure to an OO programming language prior was NWNscript.

0.8.0 is where I’m leveraging everything I’ve learned in the last year to write a modular, easy-to-code-on structure. So it may take a while. I’m redesigning the architecture of Wifi Fixer from the ground up.

For non-programmers, this means less memory and battery use, widget functions will work even when the service is disabled, and some other new features. Some of the issues brought about by the ad-hoc design of the current Wifi Fixer codebase should be resolved, which will make 0.8.0 much better at keeping your wifi connection stable.

Probably the biggest new feature will be an optional ongoing notification that shows connection information, and when tapped brings up a connection manager that allows to to switch APs manually, disable Wifi Fixer checking on a specific AP, or connect to a new network in range.

For programmers, I will be publishing some intents that let you enable/disable Wifi Fixer, or turn wifi on and off via Wifi Fixer.