I’m working on Network Notifications for the next release, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I wanted to have individual notifications you could tap on to connect to an open network, but despite a whole day of work, it took up too much memory.

So, there’s a single ongoing notification that shows a list of the open APs in range. Tapping the notification brings you to the Android wifi networks list, which is pretty much the same way the system network notifications work, except with more information.

Very low resource. And the notification disappears when there aren’t any open networks scanned.

The next release is also bringing AP hopping.
As of 0.7.0, when scanning, the known network with the best signal is the one Wifi Fixer will connect to. I wanted to do one better.
Periodic scans check to see if there’s a known network with a better signal while you’re connected. If there is, you’re quickly switched to that network.

This will only really help people who have multiple APs at home or work.

From here, I’m tightening up the app. Going to try to get the memory use back down to where it was before I added the new features.