The Nexus One uses the Broadcom 4329 wifi/bluetooth chip. This chip supports wifi power save mode.

Instead of leaving the wifi chip at full power like on other devices when Wifi Sleep Policy is set to Never or Never while Plugged in, the Nexus One uses the wifi power save mode.

Many access points/routers are unable to properly handle this mode, so the connection drops.

Note: Some revisions of the Broadcom 4329 chip may work better in wifi power save mode.

That’s it.

If I were Google, I’d change the driver to just leave the wifi chip at full power like other devices do when in Never sleep mode. Or, I’d add another option to Sleep Policy mode for wifi power save.

In any case, I hope Google does something, because more and more Android devices will be using the same chip, or other chips that use power save mode.

The behavior of Wifi Sleep Policy should be consistent across Android.

However, let’s give the engineers at Google some time to study and work on the problem. We have no idea what’s involved.