Wifi Fixer 0.7.0 Changelog

  • Network Notification nag removed
  • ICMP now default network check method
  • Network Check failover switch optimized
  • Http network check rewritten
  • New setting: Disable Supplicant Checks
  • Disable Supplicant Checks default on <2.0
  • Service watchdog alarm disabled on service disable
  • Log service bugfixes
  • IP cacheing for icmp network check
  • Wifi check now 10 seconds instead of 5
  • Reduced battery use, all settings.
  • Bugfixes for wifi state detection
  • Rewrote scan results handler
  • Wakelock bugfix
  • Scan will find known network with best signal
  • Widget bugfixes: no need to re-add to home screen on app update
  • More readable code
  • Reduced memory use
  • Largely improved performance on networks with bad signals
  • Error Notifications now cancel on reconnect.
  • Donate nag cleared when app loses focus
  • HTML links in docs made readable colors on black background.
  • Reduced battery use of Max Wifi option

Note: The wifi Network Notifications option doesn’t work, it just won’t interfere with Wifi Fixer’s operation anymore. I’ll look into adding my own Network Notifications in the next release.

Release next week, if all goes well!