Google’s decision to open the Android Market for anyone to collect data on the listed apps is a good thing. Openness and transparency are always good. However, right now it’s causing developers and users headaches.

There are a whole lot of sites trying to cash in by listing android apps from the market, but many of them are less than ethical, offering payment options which don’t go to the original developers.

Worse, even, there are a few that deliberately list months-old versions of the apps, offering to let you sign up if you’re the app’s developer, and for a fee, update the listing.

There are also many sites offering access to paid apps for signing up or a flat fee. AndroidFilez is one. It’s pure piracy, plain and simple.

Google really needs to land on these sites hard. Or at least make the users aware that their money may not be going to the real developer if they buy outside the Android market proper. Or that the information in the app listing may not be accurate or current.