Here’s the (probably) final list of what’s in 0.6.7

Droid UI flakiness resolved. (Was caused by bugs in LogService)
Memory use improvements. Should run better on low-spec devices.
Boot Receiver no longer runs service directly. Alarm runs service ~60 seconds after boot.
Send Log checks for sdcard.
Fixed httpcheck race bug
Separate processes for WifiFixerService and LogService to avoid unreleased memory.
Added maxsdk to hide from 2.2 clients in the market.
LogService bugfixes
Changes to layouts now that OK button is gone.
Tweaked the 1.5 layout a bit.
Removed OK button. Activity Lifecycle ftw.
Removed dependency of LogService on WifiFixerService
Performance setting change now ends preference activity.
Added warning for sd card unavailable for send log
Added task killer warning to gettingstarted.html
Supplicant receiver now honors screen off.
Wifi toggle given partial wake lock, put into runnables.
Notification for Wifi Toggle, cancels itself on wifi on.