While I wait for my developer seeding phone, I’m working on the Nexus One/2.1 problem.  What appears to be the case is that if you’re talking to the Android wifi manager, and send a new command that changes wifi state before the first one has been completed, it can cause the wifi manager to become unresponsive for your app.   So, what this means for you techies out there is that I’m going to have to write a worker thread and send all my wifi manager commands to it in a FIFO fashion.

To everyone else, don’t worry.  I’ll soon have the Nexus One/2.1 fix added to the “it just works” list.

Also, at some point I’m going to make the Donate version a simple download that doesn’t take any space on your phone and just unlocks the free version so it doesn’t nag.    I don’t want anyone accidentally having two Wifi Fixers installed.